Termite Damage Repair

At First Western Pest Control we provide complete termite damage repair to restore what has been damaged by wood-destroying insects. Once we inspect your home and identify any infestations and or damage we will provide a written estimate.
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Termite Damage Repair

Typically, termite damage is either cosmetic or structural and we provide comprehensive solutions for both. In some cases, we repair the damage by using materials that termites cannot attack. This provides an attractive look while maintaining structural integrity.

Cosmetic Termite Damage Repairs

We provide cosmetic repairs to maintain the appeal of your home. These are the simplest types of repairs to fix because they are the easiest to get to, and typically include fascia boards, trim, moldings, shutters, door jambs and window trim.

Structural Damage and Repair

Your home requires immediate attention when its structure has been damaged by termites. First Western Pest Control, Inc provides structural framing repairs before further damage occurs, such as sagging or collapsed walls, and floors. We repair everything your home may need.