Pest Control Services & Bug Extermination

Pest Control Services

Our services include general pest control, flying insects, and rodent animal removal. We offer maintenance programs on a monthly and bi-monthly schedule with no contracts or obligations. You also have the option of a one time service treatment.
"Let us help you eliminate those unwanted pests"
First Western offers the following services:
• Residential and Commercial Pest Control
• Multi-unit & Industrial Pest Control
• Hospitals
• Boats
• Buses
• RV's
Wherever there is a need we will be there just call us and we will help to get rid of what ever kind of problem you have.
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General Pest Control

→ Ants
→ Fleas (adult, larva)
→ Spiders (black widow, brown
     recluse, cellar, hobo)
→ Roaches
→ Silverfish
→ Crickets
→ Earwigs
→ Grasshoppers
→ Wasps
→ Bees
→ Yellow Jackets

Rodent Control and Animal Removal

→ Mice
→ Raccoons
→ Skunks
→ Bait Boxes
→ Glue Boards (snap traps)
→ Cages

Animal Proofing

Each situation is different and we will need to inspect your property in order to determine the proper way to keep the animals or rodents out.

We provide prompt removal for any animal that is on your property either dead or alive.

Our technicians also provide on-the-spot services at competitive rates.
Call us at (562) 424-8588 when you need guaranteed Pest Control services.